Keep your head up :)
Rhia Cenidoza , 17 years old ,Taken#13,I'm from Mishima Japan and I love Fashion (; Forever love avril lavigne!!
If I’m pushing you away, I’m testing if you’ll stay.(via saiichology)

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No words in the world can describe the size of the love and admiration that I feel for you. I want to thank you for everything. Thank you for being such an amazing model for me. Thank you for writing the most beautiful letters. Thank you for being you, why not try to be anyone but yourself. You should know, how beautiful, talented, inspiring you are and no matter what the haters say. I could not imagine my life without your music, your voice, your smile, your laughter. You are my Everything. I can not explain how great is my love for you. I’m proud of you. I am always with you. 
“It doesn’t matter what we do, you make everything seem brighter. I never knew I needed you, like a sad song needs a sea of lighters”

How Tall Is Blake Lively? A Guide to the Ebola Crisis
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